When lacking a Big Strong Man…

I’m having a stand at a Christmas Fair on Saturday (10:00 – 12:30 at Watson’s College, Edinburgh. Come along and meet me!) and have long been fancying some better way to display clothes and accessories for dolls. Today was the day to address this problem. So after much thought and pencil-chewing I drew out an (in my opinion) stylishly-shaped and cunningly-designed hanger that could hold clothes, wings, tu-tus, the lot. I traced them onto a sheet of hardboard I’d previously picked up from the street (an abandoned wardrobe I believe) and then cast about for a BIg Strong Man to come and cut them out for me with something tougher than kitchen scissors. Sadly my Big Strong Man is in Berlin and isn’t due back until the day before the sale – too late – and it is raining outside. Hmm. I remembered that we had a jigsaw somewhere in the cupboard, and even some new blades. So I fished it out, set up the workbench in the garden (in strong winds and rain, as is the case in Edinburgh), borrowed my sons’ rather small work goggles and whittling gloves and set off. And I have to say I’m rather proud of the result! Not only did I not cut my fingers off, I only lost the tops of two hangers before getting the hang of the vibrations and cutting out four successfully! So here they are. I have awarded myself extra cheese on my reheated-potato-lunch and am wondering where I can find more hardboard in the house to cut up. They work so well that I could do with a few more!


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