Stoffoli reopens on Etsy

Hooray, I have reopened my Etsy shop again! I took a little time to do this as I have been away over the summer and then I have been rethinking my packaging. Previously I was selling doll-making kits in boxes, which looked very smart but was not very practical. The boxes took up a lot of storage space and also cost a lot to post because they were bulky. So I have redesigned things a little and am now selling my Pocket Doll Kits in handmade drawstring bags. These look beautiful, take up much less storage space, make a great project bag to keep your doll-making materials together, and drop the postage costs into a lower bracket. So I think it’s a winner all round! Next I shall work on bags for my larger kits and hopefully getting the patterns alone onto Etsy so those of you with cupboards overflowing with yarn and fabric can just buy the instructions. Do take a look at my new bags in the Stoffoli Etsy shop and tell me what you think.


Pocket Doll Kit

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