Yarn Cast-Offs

I was in a local coffee shop with a friend, knitting for my new doll Abigail, with my new Uradale Yarn (from the fantastic Edinburgh Yarn Festival). Having made a cowl already, I wanted to make a hat and gloves to go with it. My friend was finishing off a beautiful blue, wave-textured scarf that she was knitting for her husband. This scarf had been a long project with set-backs involving dimensions, running out of yarn, struggling to find more of the right colour and ordering 4-ply instead of double-knit. Many of these problems had been shared over weeks of coffee. When she finished casting off the last row, my friend broke the yarn, balled up the minimal remains and dumped it next to her finished coffee. “That’s too small to do anything with, and I’m fed up with it anyway,” she announced. I asked if I could use it as I could find an end for a tiny amount, and it was such a beautiful colour (Madelinetosh variegated blue). She willingly passed it on, and I made it into cuffs and then a tassle for this hat and gloves set. To me, these projects are now linked as they share the same yarn story. I like the idea of an invisible tie between them. I wonder if the eventual owner of this doll will be able to tell that there is already a history to be learned?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


3 thoughts on “Yarn Cast-Offs

    • Thankyou! I do have a pattern for this hat, but it is one I am still working on. I am just about to call for test knitters for my first dolls pattern, which is a coat, and next I am going to work on a pattern including several different dolls hats. If you’d like to know when the patterns are ready then please do follow me using the links on the bottom of my home page. Thanks, Hannah


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