Cottage Notebook Podcast Interview

Ever wondered what a dollmaker does all day long? Now you can find out.

Earlier this year I visited the amazing Edinburgh Yarn Festival with a couple of my dolls. We went along to see the stands, talk to the vendors and meet knitters from the world over. One knitter we got chatting with was the lovely podcaster Nadia Seaver, creater of the Cottage Notebook . Here Nadia writes blog posts and newletters, and records inspiring interviews with crafters, knitwear designers and gardeners. On meeting my dolls and hearing about my work, Nadia asked to interview me! SO here it is, an interview in which we talk about dollmaking, craft work, juggling family and work and a whole host of other things. It was a real priviledge to be part of such a wonderful podcast series, and if you enjoy listening, please do leave a comment or head over to Itunes and leave a review. Just grab your cup of tea and your craft, and have a listen here:

Stoffoli Cottage Notebook podcast

Happy doll-making, Hannah


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