change of plan…

…exciting things are afoot!

Dolls as illustration characters?

Due to a series of life changes (moving to Italy, picking up big illustration contracts, the Covid pandemic, buying a fantastic but rather crumbling house and garden, building work, new school systems for our children, general reassessment of everything…) I’m finding my work is evolving into something new and different. My doll and textile work is creeping increasingly into my illustration work, so I’ve decided to embrace the change and see where it takes me. 

I’m going to be taking down my Stoffoli website this month and will gradually bring more dolls into my illustration website. When I have dolls and patterns to sell again, they’ll be alongside my illustrations in a new shop which I’m not ready to open yet (too many builders and dust around, and no change expected for some months). 

So yes, I’m still making dolls and yes I will keep my stoffolidolls Instagram feed and my Facebook page, but this website doesn’t represent what I’m up to these days so it needs to evolve. All of my creative work will move to my illustration website


and do check out my illustrations instagram feed @hannahsanguinetti

How many doll making skills and materials can you spot?

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