Doll-making workshops

Classes for 2019

Two-Day Doll-making Workshops in Edinburgh

May 11th-12th 2019

November 9th-10th 2019

9:30 – 16:30 each day

£120 including materials and refreshments. Please bring your own lunch.

Come and learn the beautiful, creative and fulfilling art of doll-making! This year I will be running two separate weekend workshops to make a 30cm, waldorf-style natural fibre doll with a crocheted mohair wig. This is a lot to get through in two days, so the workshops will be intense and there won’t be time to make clothes for your doll. Also because time is so tight, you will be provided with machine-stitched body parts for your doll at the start of the classes. All of the sewing work in the two days will be hand-stitching; we will not use sewing machines. The workshop will cover head and face shaping with wool and needle-felting, stuffing and shaping limbs, stitching the body together and crotcheting hair. It is not necessary to have doll-making experience (although it is useful), but hand sewing and basic crochet skills are needed.

The cost of the workshop will be £120 including all materials for the doll (not clothing). We will be working with high-quality doll-makers jersey fabric, all wool stuffing and specialist mohair yarn for hair. You will need to bring your own sewing needles, scissors and a crochet hook. The classes will be small in order to give more teaching time and support to participants, so there will be only five places in each weekend workshop. You will need to bring your own lunch but refreshments will be provided. Class fees need to be paid in full when booking a place, and are refundable if at least 14 days notice is given before the class start date. If I have to cancel the workshop due to unforseen circumstances, your class fee will be refunded in full.

If you have any questions or would like to book a place on one of these workshops, do email me at or phone me on 0131 4477817 or complete the form below.

Natural fibre doll-making is a slow and beautifully peaceful process. As your hands repeat the actions of stuffing, shaping wool, needle-felting and stitching, your mind is free to rest and to think. The character of the doll you are working on emerges bit by bit, becoming clearer with each step that you complete, and with each thought that crosses your mind as you work. This is one of the things that I love about doll-making. There is a balance between conscious choices that affect the finished doll; such as skin colour, hair colour, face shape and proportions, and the subconscious movements of your hands that bring about small changes of character; a stronger curve here, a thread pulled tighter there and an accidental snip that makes the hair curl just so. It is a hugely rewarding creative activity.

In the doll-making classes I teach, I try to give participants the chance to experience this creative flow. I like to keep the group size small to support different learning needs and to encourage a relaxed atmosphere; we build relationships alongside skills. Some classes are for complete beginners with no skills needed and others will require competence with hand sewing and crochet, and familiarity with fabric work. When teaching I like to use examples from my own work, to share some of my dolls and also my experiences.

Classes include handouts detailing the stages of doll-making we go through and information about materials so that you can make more on your own. Sometimes there may be work to do outside the class in order to keep up with the group. Doll-making is slow, there is no getting around that, and everyone works at slightly different speeds. But the slowness and mindfulness of doll-making is also part of its joy, and something to be celebrated. We all get there in the end.


If you have any questions or would like to book a place on one of these workshops, do email me at or phone me on 0131 4477817 or complete the form below. I look forward to seeing you!
Happy doll-making, Hannah Sanguinetti


4 thoughts on “Doll-making workshops

  1. Hi, I just wanted to ask if you have any more workshops for 2019 to make a waldorf doll. If so I would like to know the dates and book a place. Thank you!!!


    • Dear Ana, yes I will be running some more classes in 2019. I haven’t yet chosen the dates as I am waiting for some family things to be planned first. If you follow this site then you will hear about the new classes as soon as I post the information up. Many thanks, Hannah


  2. Hi Hannah, I would love to come to your November workshop, if there is any places left. Could you let me know please? Thank you.


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